We are glad to announce that Aristea Hotel enjoyed a successful 2020 season of no Covid-19 cases, neither among our 1462 guests who stayed with us during this season, nor among our 12 team members. 

This achievement was a merely a result of our disciplined teamwork, our well-designed safety measures  Caring for the Aristea Community programme and the responsible stance of our dear guests who appreciated all our efforts and gave us the opportunity to provide them with the best possible service.

​If you are planning to make a booking for 2021, we strongly suggest to do it here, via our website, so you ✓ cancel anytime up to 48 hours before arrival without any cost nor any deposit, enjoy ✓ the lowest prices & unbelievable secret rates and the additional ✓ Direct Booking Benefits

​Looking forward to welcoming you,

​George Kaparos

General Manager, Aristea Hotels SA